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CODE-Ethiopia played major roles in supporting educational activities in the country.The major activities and focus areas include:

Establishment of Reading Rooms
Ninety-seven community libraries have been set-up in seven regions.These community libraries are serving thousands of children and adults. The community libraries have contributed to the quality of education in Ethiopia.Each community library renovated and furniture were provided.

Addis Alem the former and newly built Community library

Holeta the former and newly built community library

Distribution of Donated Books
CODE-Ethiopia has distributed various donated books to community libraries , schools, higher learning inistitutions and various government agencies. These books mainly come from   International Book Bank(IBB) through a financial support of CODE. Book Aid International (BAI) has also made significant contribution. Over one million books have been distributed so far.

Development and Printing of Books/other Reading Materials in indigenous languages
CODE-Ethiopia published books and magazines in local languages to satisfy the needs of readers.Local stories and articles are also printed at 7 educational newsletter production centers and are  distributed to community libraries and adjacent schools.
Purchsed Books
Every year CODE-Ethiopia purchase books from local market and distribute to community libraries it has established in collaboration with the local communities.

Public Awareness
"Reading week" is observed every year in all the community libraries so as to raisse awareness of the communities to use the resources and to encourage sustainable support to the libraries. This is a promotional activity  that already has helped to sustain the community resource centers as hubs to local development.


To share experiences and innovative activities that are being done in some community libraries , CODE-Ethiopia publishes and distributes a semi annual magazine called "Sutafe".Currently CODE-Ethiopia has also devised a system to use lead librarians drawn fro each region to facilitate the network of CLs in their respective regions and beyond.


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