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CODE-Ethiopia's success lies in the strength of community involvement, use, and value of its community Libraries. Students, especially girls, who use CODE-Ethiopia's libraries far better at school and adults benefit from books on education, health, better farming, business and childcare. CODE-Ethiopia's strong relationship with the Ministry of Education ensures that its work strengthens and supports national education goals.

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About CODE

If you can learn to read and write, you can learn to do anything. For 50 years CODE has been helping children in developing countries learn to read. Because when you learn to read, you can learn to do, and be, anything. CODE believes the ability to read and write is key to learning and growth for life. Our programs advance literacy throughout the developing world through professional teacher and librarian training, support for libraries and publishers, and supplying appropriate books. CODE is an award winning organization that has been honoured by the International Reading Association, UNESCO and the Government of Canada for its work in education and literacy.

To support a sustainable literate environment in the developing world.

Mission Statement:
Enabling people to learn by developing partnerships that provide resources for learning, promote awareness and understanding, and encourage self-reliance.

CODE is proud of its entrepreneurial and innovative history highlighted by the establishment of three affiliate organizations: CODE Incorporated, the CODE Foundation and the International Book Bank. 

In 1987, CODE established a separate for-profit company, CODE Incorporated. CODE Incorporated, with clients in 66 countries worldwide, specializes in managing complex supply projects in the developing world and has donated millions of dollars to CODE and the CODE Foundation. The CODE Foundation, established in 1992, is an endowment fund that manages and invests donations and bequests. CODE receives a yearly donation from the CODE foundation. These donations increase CODE’s long term sustainability as well as providing the opportunity to expand our literacy and educational programs overseas.

CODE’s third affiliate, the International Book Bank in Baltimore, Maryland, is a non-profit organization that procures and distributes donated textbooks, children's books, and other educational materials such as teacher kits to qualified non-for-profit organizations in developing countries, including CODE's partners.

This successful family of affiliates strengthens CODE’s ability to deliver quality literacy programming by increasing its financial sustainability and helping to ensure long-term sustainable partnerships in Africa and the Caribbean.

CODE Supporters
CODE’s ability to make real and lasting change is directly related to the generous support received from individuals, corporations, service groups and foundations that are committed to our overseas programs.

In 2007–2008, CODE supporters donated over $1.4 million to support literacy programming. CODE is fortunate to be the ongoing recipient of in-kind support from North American book publishers: in 2007–2008 CODE shipped more than $5.5 million worth of donated books overseas. 

The support from public and affiliate donors enables CODE to leverage funds from the Canadian Government through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Canada’s lead agency for development assistance. In 2007–2008 CIDA contributed more than $ 1.7 million to CODE’s programs and an additional $ 482,369 specifically to CODE’s project in Mozambique.

In 2007, CODE signed a five-year Partnership Agreement with CIDA which will support literacy programming until 2012. This contract will allow CODE to leverage $10 million from CIDA to support literacy in Africa and the Caribbean. CODE is responsible for raising over $3.3 million as our portion of this five-year program.  CODE-Ethiopia is one of the partners that get support from CODE.

Book Aid International (BAI) contributes books to CODE - Ethiopia

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